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The school has a rich store house of knowledge with wide range of informative books to keep doors open and welcome knowledge. Wide range of informative books on science, commerce, competitions and general knowledge are arly brought to inculcate reading habits and enrich them.



Tiny Tots senior Secondry School has introduced smart classes since last 2 years to tie up Educomp smart classes and Educomp online is a virtual school for Educomp Smart Classes School. As a part Of Educomp Smart Classes School Educomp Online gives schools an institutional online presence to schools.where they can perform dynamic range for Activities that empower then to deliver more value to students, parents teachers & principals.

With Activities like send a message and send and important announcements, the schools can inform the teachers students & parents about the upcoming events & updates. They can costumize their website to match the identify of the school with a logo & use several services. From a single access point, the schools can manage the accounts of teachers & students accounts by adding them into the system, tracking their activities , and viewing content & test. They can share Photos & videos of all the school events by uploading them on the website.

For each school,this activities are performed by a school administrator. As a teacher, you can perform certain usefull activities specific to your needs, for exampale, creating test for student,uploading informative content , contacting student and their parents through messages,assigning marks and making student attendance



E-learning includes all form of electronically supported learning and teaching ,including Edtech . The information & communication systems , weather networked learning not, serve as speciefic media to implement the learning process. This often involves both out-of-classroom in-classroom Educational Experiences via Technology, Even as advances continue and regard to devices and curriculum. Abbreviations like CBT (Computer Based Training ), IBT(Internet based Training ) Or WBT (Web Based Training ) have been used as synonyms to E- learning.

E-Learning is the computer 7 network – enabled transfer of skills & knowledge. E-learning Applications & process include web based learning , computer based learning, virtual education opportunities & digital collaborations . Content is delivered via the internet , intranet/extranet, audio or video tape, satellite T.V. , & CD-Rom. It can be self- paced or instructor-led and includes media in the form of text, image , animation, streaming video & Audio.

It Is commonly thought that new technologies can make a big difference in education . In particular, childern can interact with new media, & developed their skills , knowledge, & perception of the world , under their parents monitoring , of course. Many proponents of E-Learning belived that every one must be equipped with basic knowledge in technology as well as use it as a medium to reach a particular goal .



BrainCafe is Zee Learns endeavour to reach out to schools across India and enable them with an innovative and interactive learning environment. As one such initiative,BrainCafe Science enables children to creat their own knowledge with help of a unique pedagogy QUAR CTM which Uses experimental and inquiry based learning.

To bring the best quality in education have tied up with Gakken Education Co. Japan. The core team at Gakken Educational Co. Comprises nearly 300 members in Academic team and runs in more than 2,000 science schools across Japan over past 50 Years.They are present in 13 countries across Asia, Australia and Europe.

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