Apply For Admission 2019-20



  • Admission fee is payable at the time of admission. Caution money is payable at the first time of admission and this money is refundable when the child leaves the institution. (Note: refund of caution money will be done only after a minimum of three years of reading in school and submission of the original receipt).
  • Term Fee is payable in the month of July and November. Tuition Fee is payable in terms.
  • Annual Fee is to be paid yearly in the month of July.
  • Development Fee is payable yearly in the month of July.
  • Registration Fee is payable at the time of admission.
  • Transportation Fee is charged only for the months the conveyance is availed.
  • Adequate arrangements for the transportation of the students are done.
  • A separate fee for conveyance will be charged from those boys and girls who are availing this facility. This fee is subject to change in the cost of petrol and diesel (Fuel cost) as per the prevailing market rate.
  • Children of senior classes are eligible to use their own conveyance i.e. by cycle, scooter or bike. To use this facility each Boy /Girl should seek the permission from the Head of the Institution by giving in writing from their respective parents / guardian. Thosewho are using their own vehicle viz. scooter, motor bike etc. are requested to submit their driving licence issued by the authority.


Fee concession is only on tuition fees. Brother / sister concession is allowed on the following basis:

  • Elder brother / sister in the school will pay full fees.
  • The second brother / sister will get 1/4 concession in tuition fee only, if fee is paid in time regularly.
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