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Our Mission

To Inculcate National education in children along with academic excellence to improve the field o f co-scholastic and provide stage for talent. To revitalize the thoughts we will emphasize on self elevation by self-help, self respect and self knowledge and teaching children the dignity of labour.

We would like to build a mature young man with an enquiring mind , original in thinking and with fierce idealistic desire to devote himself to serve society and nation.
  • To teach them the definition of freedom, it meant freedom from hunger, poverty and ignorance.
  • Teach them to invest in themselves and in other people and they can become wealthy without greed.
  • To teach them the values of language as it is tool with which you fashion your relationship and your economic future.

With above objective we will accomplish our mission in the coming years are as follows:


Start vocational training in school

As our education system is highly focused on academic courses such as English, Maths, social studies we just prepare our students to study at four years of college & universities . As we know students understands different type of instruction some learn easily through reading , discussion & some learn it through hands on training ,experimentation & trial & error .Practical skills such as auto maintenance ,carpentry, tailoring ,beautification, cooking , music etc. focus on hand on activities which is beneficial for students to develop their practical skills so that they can put their skills in their job immediately . To execute the mission we have planned to get affiliation from board to start vocational courses in our school.


Digitalization in school

Technology has made imparting education stress-free for both students and educators .Schools are gradually implementing digital teaching solutions to involve with a generation of learners familiar with the likes of play station and ipads and trying to make the classroom atmosphere more broad and participatory .Information and communication technology in education has facilitated student understanding, students are perhaps the most ready and exposed to external education but they are in the best situation to absorb what comes up in the classroom . Currently students live in a world that is constantly linked and alive outside the classroom, so traditional methods won’t work now. The true revolution in education can only be achieved via digitization of education so that students can learn at their own speed both within and outside the classroom their learning upgrades while they carry on advantage from fostering , mentorship and direction of their teachers. Thus giving totally a different work culture in the coming future. Working On this way we already have digital classrooms in our school which is helping our students to adopt the new work culture. And to enhance this feature we are planning to improve our library to e-library so that all students can get information of his /her choice on his /her computer screen. Digital library provide access to much richer contents in more structured manner . In the same manner we are planning to ensure constant communication between school, students , teacher, parents through latest technology. To achieve regularity and healthy relation better co-ordination between teacher ,students and parents. To have a check on students not taking a wrong track.



Participation in school sports provides a sense of belonging and being part of a team or group. When a student participate in school sports they develop a variety of techniques and skills they engage in friendly competition with their schoolmates .students who are active in school sports are fitter , have healthy weights and are more confident ,for such reasons our school has been promoting sports by introducing badminton ,table tennis , cricket coaching ,yoga ,karate for self defense our students are participating in state level competition of cricket .Now to enhance more in sports in our school we have planned to have cricket academy , basket ball court & proper sports ground. So we can generate good sports person for the nation.


Healthy Body – Healthy mind

Though we are working on the mission for last few years but in a very restricted manner only within our school . Now we are planning to increase the size of area for that we have planned To create a team of teachers & students and motivated all the children to contribute 1 rupee a week ,as we all are aware of the present status of our earths ozone layer & the coming generation only have to protect the environment for which we have planned to utilize the collection for plantation and erect garbage bins around the city as our swach mission and green environment. We are even planning to create awareness of cleanliness of the place you live in & your body for healthy environment in slum areas . So that in coming future we can make our city clean , green & Healthy..

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