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School Activities


With the dawn of each New Year and the passing of each new day we rededicate ourselves to our mission of carrying the ever radiating torch of education into the Big Wide World. The almighty God helps us to remain committed, stead fast and strong, for He leads us.


The school recognizes the importance of recreational activities of indoor And and outdoor games for the proper development of child. The students are selected for each game according to their aptitude and physical fitness and they are drilled accordingly. Indoor games include chess, carrom, badminton, table-tennis etc. while outdoor activities consist of cricket, volleyball, kho-kho, kabaddi, hockey, yoga and karate.


The school organizes co-curricualr activities, hobbies, sports cultural evenings, GK competitions, Essay writing, Drawing competition, Educational tours, National and regional festival etc. These activities help to unfold the talents of individual students and open up new horizons of personality development.


All the students from class III to XII are divided into four houses viz; Blue, Green, Red and Yellow. Each house has a house master assisted by two other teachers. Houses have elected Head Boy and Head Girl, Captains, Vice captains, prefects etc. Various clubs on nature, sports, literary and fine arts are formed, which lay the strong basic for all round development of students.


The school celebrates all important National and Regional festivals to inculcate in the children the feelings of religious harmony and national integrity. School Foundation Day, Cultural Festival Day, celebration of Diwali, Teacher's Day, Basant Panchami are the important celebrations celebrated with pomp and pageantry.


Annual Sports and Annual Cultural Evening is an important activity of the school. Every year it is celebrated with great enthusiasm and excitement in which students, parents and teachers take part equally. This day coincides with project display and cultural activities.


Trips to places of interest within the country and state are organised to widen the horizons of the students. Class picnic for every class is arranged apart from long educational tours.


With a view of creating in pupils a general awareness of our cultural heritage and strong feeling of National Integration. The school awards and distributes prizes to the talented students in all activities viz, Annual Sports, Annual Cultural Day, Meritorious Students etc. These awards are given individually and collectively to teams to develop in them the spirit of leadership, co-operation and harmony. Children gain self-confidence and can face challenges confidently.


Guidance and Counselling Education prepares the citizens of tomorrow. Most students are unaware of the various career options available to them. Teachers help children in the process of selecting appropriate careers, taking into consideration their academic performance interest s and aspiration. Professionals are invited from diverse fields and sphere of life to broaden the concepts of careers and help students develop a realistic assessment of available and emerging vocational alternatives.


A team of highly qualified staff trains children to think reason and develop independent problem solving skills, love, care, and efficiency. Responsibility and dedication are the hallmark of our teachers. Teachers do not simply impart knowledge and facts they arouses their students curiosity and interest and pursue them to go ahead.


The institution is affiliated with CBSE, New Delhi and follows the syllabus based on NCERT and CBSE Board. We prepare children for all India Senior School Certificate and All India Secondary School Examination conducted by CBSE, New Delhi, Medium of instruction in English for all the students, Hindi is also used in various educational activities. Focus is on reducing dependence on just learning for examination. Thus accelerating overall development of the child's personality.

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