Apply For Admission 2019-20

We Believe

Every Tinian is a king in the making who shall rule the world with all that the school has empowered them with. A small step of each Tinian is a giant leap towards learning, associated with experience, we rejoice in their growth, we see in them fulfilment of our dreams and accomplishment of God's plan.

Believe in yourself, don't be afraid, Do the hard work, don't worry about the grade,If you want to succeed, always move ahead , Never look behind or you'll fail instead, Have self confidence think positive. You'll have to be tough if you want to live, Don't be scared of problems, take life to be a game, Your good qualities will bring you wealth and fame. Nothing is impossible, just use your brain. Once its on track, its as fastas a train . So if you don't succeed try a new. If you face the sun, Shadows fall behind you"

Destiny is not amatter of chance , it is a matter of choice, it is not a thing to be waited for , it is a thing to be achieved.


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